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Chris lives in the USA and has Haemophilia B

HaemActive app

The HaemActive app has been designed specifically for people living with haemophilia and features clear demonstration videos to help people living with haemophilia to exercise safely and correctly.

Designed and built to help people living with haemophilia exercise safely and correctly

The HaemActive app has been specifically designed for people living with haemophilia. Created in partnership with specialist physiotherapists, the app has sections for different age groups and features clear demonstration videos to help perform the exercises safely and correctly. 

Harry lives in the UK and has Haemophilia B

“Advice I would give to others living with haemophilia, definitely exercise and be active. The more active you are, the healthier state your joints will be in for longer.”

-Olivia Osbourne

Move. It’s good for you


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