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Walid lives in Egypt and has Haemophilia A

What to expect during elective orthopaedic surgery and aftercare

You can find further information about the surgical journey in the ACT EOS Journey tool.

ACT EOS Journey tool

How important is physical rehabilitation and pain management?

Good care and assistance at home is important to help you recover quickly

  • You may need someone to stay with you for at least a few days after you return home
  • They may need to help you follow instructions for your care after surgery, and monitor your recovery
  • They may also need to help you with daily tasks such as cooking, washing, cleaning and childcare

Although your pain will be managed, you should take care not to strain yourself during recovery. If you live alone or have additional care needs, and do not have someone to stay with you when you leave hospital, you may need to go to a rehabilitation centre or request home care. Just ask your healthcare team for advice and support on rehabilitation centres.

Do you have someone lined up to help you out for the first few days/weeks?

Find out more

If you want to find out any more information or support on any of the points discussed on this page you can download the ACT EOS Recovery Guide.

ACT EOS Recovery Guide

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This material is for educational and informative purposes only. It should not replace any advice or information provided by your haemophilia specialist and/or other healthcare professionals. Surgery in patients with haemophilia (with or without inhibitors) can carry specific risks that should be carefully assessed and discussed with your haemophilia specialist and multidisciplinary care team. Surgery in patients with haemophilia (with or without inhibitors) should always be done in consultation with a specialised haemophilia treatment centre.

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