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Rafal lives in Poland and has Haemophilia A

Mental health

Discover more about the mental health impacts of living with haemophilia and where to find support for yourself or a loved one.

Mental health challenges of living with haemophilia

The physical impact of living with haemophilia today is well documented; however, the psychological, mental and emotional impacts are not so obvious without looking a little deeper. The non-physical burden of haemophilia isn’t something many people talk about, but it is there; whether you are a carer or are living with a bleeding disorder.

The physical burden of haemophilia has an impact on people's mental health and recent research has suggested that more people living with haemophilia are suffering with depression, anxiety and ADHD compared to the general population.

Haemophilia Patients and family shot to follow their own stories around their own homes    Haemophilia Patients and family shot to follow their own stories around their own homes

Walid lives in Egypt and has Haemophilia A

Adults report a lack of understanding by others which can impact negatively on employment and relationships

-The HERO Study

Finding the right advice and support

People living with haemophilia and carers are all different, and their psychological support needs will also be different, but it is important to know that there is a wealth of help available; from online support options through to structured professional care.

Online support

Professional care

Therapy in any form is a very personal experience, and as such, finding the right support for you is something that is best discussed with your healthcare team. If you decide to pursue therapy, remember that difficult emotions may arise and this is part of the process; however, there is no pressure to continue if it doesn't seem to be working for you. Take a look at our 'talking your medical team' page for advice on how to have the  conversation about mental health.

As you will see in the video below, Olivia found support as a carer through online support groups.

Visit our advice and support page


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